Last month we delivered over 8,000 calls to personal injury lawyers from broadcast television!



Why Our System Works

“We close 20% of the calls with Legal TV Leads”

– William Hardy

We currently work with firms all over the country – from small, local attorneys to large national firms. There are 210 Television Markets across the country and we deliver calls in many of them; from large cities like New  York, Los Angeles, and Chicago to smaller cities like Portland, Maine; Birmingham, Alabama; and Rockford, Illinois.


The Process

From the moment you contact us, we will begin our streamlined process to ensure your advertising campaign is launched in a timely manner. It will take us 1-2 weeks to have you on the air and you should start receiving calls immediately. You will receive complete transparency throughout the campaign with a personal login to our call-tracking dashboard.


We begin by researching the best times and channels to air your commercial.


The majority of the calls are motor vehicle accidents and approximately 20% of the calls are signed cases.


Then we brand the commercials for your firm only, and get ready to air.


Throughout the campaign, you will have full access to the call-tracking dashboard so that there is complete transparency at all times.



The television Ad will launch in the most efficient way and calls will start coming in immediately.


We continue to air commercials until we have reached the amount of leads you have ordered.

If you’ve been advertising on TV , I’m sure you’ve heard some of the following statements from your agency or TV rep.

We are currently helping lawyers in over 80 US markets and we can help you too. If you’re tired of excuses and want results, call us today for a risk-free test run.