How It Works

We run personal injury commercials on broadcast television where you only pay for the personal injury calls that you receive.

We only use broadcast networks, such as: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW and only run during business hours.

These are the same programs that the big spenders in your market are spending millions of dollars on: local news, game shows, judge shows and talk shows.

Our clients are seeing a fantastic ROI – Ask to speak with some of them today.

There is a reason why television is so competitive for personal injury, it is where the best leads are but it is the most difficult and costly place to break into…until now.

Ask to speak with one of our 80 law firms nationwide as a reference.

The Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that you will receive personal injury calls from the ads, if you don’t receive calls then you don’t pay.

We use our expertise and 30 years of media-buying experience to ensure that our ads are successful.

We test the various stations and programs to find what works best to deliver quality calls and we do so with OUR dollars at risk, NOT yours.

We call it Advertising with Accountability.

There is no other company out there that will run a TV campaign for YOUR firm and assume all of the risk for you….we do it every day!


Our Process

  • We begin by researching the best stations, programs and times to air a TV campaign in your local market.
  • We then produce the commercial and design a schedule to best generate injury calls.
  • The television Ad will launch in the most efficient way on local stations using only broadcast media: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW
  • Clients will begin calling within days, thus sending live, inbound personal injury calls directly to your firm.
  • All calls are tracked by an independent third party company to provide complete transparency.
  • Our clients are seeing a fantastic ROI – Ask to speak with some of them today.