We have been working with Legal TV Leads for several years now, and the response to the television ads is nothing short of tremendous.”

Glen Ronaldson, Attorney

Legal TV Delivers Results

  • 4 Every time the ad ran, we would get anywhere from 3 to several inquiries. It showed me the power of the ad itself.
  •  We were a little leery at first in all honesty, to go ahead and invest the money in doing it and I have been very, very pleased with the result.
  • We’re a plaintiff’s injury law firm and we are constantly hounded by various companies that try to generate leads for plaintiff’s attorneys and things like that.
  • We’ve worked with a number of different companies over the years with varying degrees of non-success including with web development and things like that.
  • What I really enjoyed about the relationship that we have with Mark is that the ad is unique to our law firm.
  • The price point on the advertising was something that we were comfortable with.